Still searching for that perfect workout? Can’t get that core ripped like you want? Sick of grinding through leg-day just to get marginal results? We know the feeling. That’s why we created the FIT36® workout; a true full-body high intensity interval training / HIIT workout.

Traditional bodybuilding in traditional box gyms is just that: Traditional. We are anything but traditional. We are modern. We are fast paced and functional. We are sweat-loving, heart-rate monitoring, muscle ripping modern-day athletes. Bodybuilding is a thing of the past; full-body training is where we are going to take you.

We take 36 minutes out of your day to help make your body look and feel the best your body has ever looked and felt. With functional, every day type of movements, you’ll challenge the muscles you use daily, while sculpting the muscles you want to show off.

Our 36-minute body-sculpting circuits can help produce results most places wish they could give you in an hour.

Here’s how it works: You’re going to push hard for each of the class’s 12 movements for one-minute each, then rest for 30-seconds after each movement. We repeat that cycle again to give you the 36-minute muscle-building, fat-burning workout you’ve always wanted. What’s great about our HIIT workout is that you’ll be burning calories all day, thanks to the afterburn* the anaerobic nature of the workout creates.

Our studios have a trainer in every class to give you the support, guidance and accountability needed to maximize the workout’s potential. To monitor our member’s intensity levels, heart rate monitors are available. They tell us how close to max heart-rate each participant is, and how many calories are being burned by each participant. Need a little push? We will let you know. Need to bring it down a notch? We will let you know that too. We take each member to the next level in fitness safely and efficiently.

FIT36® is bodybuilding for the modern athlete; bodybuilding for people who are sick of the traditional methods.   

Bring your body into FIT36® to discover what type of results a true full body workout can produce.

* article on afterburn affect.