Heart Rate Monitor

The FIT36® workout is designed to keep you training at the proper intensity level to build strength and muscle endurance. To help keep you in the proper training zone for safety and maximizing your time, heart rate monitors are available for purchase to use during the workout.

It is vital that our members train in the proper anaerobic zone during the FIT36® workout. The anaerobic heart rate zone can allow each member to maximize their time training in each class to gain the benefits and see the results that FIT36® studios can provide. 

heart rate monitor - workout at FIT36Here is how it works:

  • Guests will borrow a heart rate monitor for class, while members can purchase one that will become theirs to keep, in the studio and out of it. See studios for additional information.
  • Wear the monitor around your upper torso during each workout
  • Your heart rate (% of max) and calorie burn will be displayed on the screen for the duration of each FIT36® workout
  • To keep you in the proper anaerobic zone, the trainer will monitor your progress to push or pull back depending on your heart rate level

The heart rate monitors help tell the true story of the effectiveness of each workout. Without this vital information, it is impossible to truly know how hard each member is pushing. The heart rate monitor helps fuel each member to train in the proper zone to maximize the benefits the FIT36® workout can provide.

The members at FIT36® can also benefit from heart rate monitors by alerting them of over training. A common concern among the type of athletes FIT36® trains, over training can hinder progress and ultimately affect the amount of strength the body builds from our workout.

Come see how our workout utilizes this advanced technology to help supply the benefits we can achieve. Find a location near you

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