Workout Routines featuring HIIT

Our workout plan strays from routine and is rooted in functional training. The FIT36® workout is 36 minutes of high intensity interval training / HIIT. Even our form of HIIT, a modern form of circuit training, is different in the way it is applied and executed.

We have 24 members in each class who work through 12 intervals of specific movements, performing each interval for one minute. Following each interval our trainers allow 30 seconds of rest before the members go on to the next interval. The whole circuit is completed twice.

Our members go through the specific movements for two weeks before completely changing the workout plan. At the beginning of each two week cycle, each movement is very challenging and requires different muscles to be activated than the previous two weeks. Throughout the two week cycle, our members often become more advanced at each movement and are ready to modify for enhancement.

Our workouts incorporate kettlebells, TRX®, ropes and free weights, among others. We incorporate body-weight movements, which are self-limiting and push each member to their max safely and efficiently.

workout routines at FIT36

Our studios’ trainers will demonstrate each movement prior to each class and will be a part of the 36-minute workout throughout to ensure safety and lend encouragement. They set the tone for the workout and create a community feel that is based on support, energy and fun. This is 36-minutes of high energy training that makes you yearn for more.

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Elevate your Fitness. Change the Game.

Change the game and step up your fitness at FIT36®. If you’re ready to work harder and smarter in just 36 minutes, we have the workout you’ve been craving. Interval training that changes and challenges, all under the professional guidance of our certified trainers.