One Personal Trainer for Every 12 Members

Your FIT36® personal trainer serves as a coach, teacher and motivator to help get the results you want. FIT36® studios have one trainer for every 12 members in their small group, high intensity interval training / HIIT classes. This allows trainers to monitor each member who progresses through the 12 stations, lending guidance and motivation as needed.

Prior to each workout, the FIT36® studio’s trainer will demo the 12 stations of the HIIT program to ensure each member performs the workout correctly and safely. They will be present for the entire 36-minute workout, monitoring, motivating and bringing the energy to push you through. Our studios’ trainers provide guidance on each exercise and assist with modifications to cater to each member’s needs. Whether you are looking to tone it down or beef it up, our studios’ trainers can provide the guidance you need to make it happen.

FIT36® studios provide a better trainer-to-member ratio during class than most small group workouts, which allows for greater impact on, and customization of, each member’s workout. Our studios’ trainers aren’t just there to watch, they are there to work. Whatever you need to get through the FIT36® workout is what our studios’ trainers can provide.

Personal trainers and small group trainers at FIT36Every FIT36® studio trainer has a national personal training certification. They are professional and ready to train on the cutting edge of HIIT workouts and movements to build strength, athleticism and stamina for our studios’ members. FIT36® studio trainers are motivators and have a passion for fitness.

They’re dedicated to helping each member reach their personal goals. Our studios’ trainers are approachable and friendly, with a contagious personality. They make workouts fun!

Find an independently owned and operated location near you and get to know a studio’s trainer that will help make you better.

Elevate your Fitness. Change the Game.

Change the game and step up your fitness at FIT36®. If you’re ready to work harder and smarter in just 36 minutes, we have the workout you’ve been craving. Interval training that changes and challenges, all under the professional guidance of our certified trainers.