What does FIT36® do for a Client?

  • High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT provides a superior workout in less time
  • A 36-minute workout is very appealing to our busy demographic
  • A unique, functional workout format that both challenges and energizes
  • Discourages boredom with two-week workout routine intervals
  • The small group setting builds community — "I belong here"
  • Professional and certified trainers on staff
  • Workouts can easily be tailored to many fitness levels

What does FIT36® do for a Franchise Owner?

  • High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT is a strong trend in a growing industry
  • Recession resistant — 3% industry growth throughout recession
  • 36-minute session provides a break period for employees
  • Memberships = recurring monthly revenue
  • Manage the manager, or hands on ownership options available
  • Low employee count with a simple, service-based business