HIIT Workout

The FIT36® HIIT workout is truly the next level in fitness training. By combining multiple high-intensity movements into one session, HIIT provides a full-body cardiovascular workout in much less time than traditional classes and weight training.

At FIT36® studios, HIIT is accomplished by combining 12 one-minute exercise stations, in which each station is followed by a 30-second rest period. Each station is completed twice by each client to form the 36-minute HIIT workout for a group of 24 participants.

At FIT36®, workouts are created to span the entire spectrum of movement; the FIT36® member will perform movements that range from everyday pushing and pulling to dynamic multi-plane lifts and exercises. The functional training that FIT36® provides for its members is designed to improve overall efficiency and strength to shape the executive athlete or ultimate weekend warrior.

The types of movements in the FIT36® HIIT method are self-limiting and resistance focused, which pushes each member to their max in a safe and efficient way. A certified personal trainer will assist each member to maximize the benefits of the movement throughout the FIT36® workout. The member can also modify each station’s movement based on their strength and ability level, creating a customized approach to a HIIT workout.

HIIT workouts at FIT36

The FIT36® form of HIIT promotes muscle retention while also burning fat at a higher rate than many other popular workout methods.

HIIT also promotes afterburn, or improved calorie burn, for hours after the workout is completed. Not only can the FIT36® member get a better workout, in just 36 minutes, the client will also continue to burn more calories for hours after the workout.

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Change the game and step up your fitness at FIT36®. If you’re ready to work harder and smarter in just 36 minutes, we have the workout you’ve been craving. Interval training that changes and challenges, all under the professional guidance of our certified trainers.