Strength Training

FIT36® members chose us because we can help them get better at whatever it is they want to get better at. We can help them become better athletes, better weekend warriors and provide better and more efficient performance in their everyday lives. We don’t just bulk you up so you can’t move. We also don’t compromise your core strength as a way to lose weight. 

Strength training and body building at FIT36​FIT36® classes offer one of the most efficient forms of strength training you will find. We craft our high intensity interval training / HIIT to incorporate movements focused on strength training. Our circuits run for two weeks, allowing your muscles to build strength. This naturally creates a full-body strength building and stamina improving fitness plan.

Our workout routines offer 36 minutes of intensity. We keep the workout efficient and difficult to build muscle. Other HIIT workouts often burn calories while also breaking down muscle. 

Box gyms typically keep your primary strength training focused on squat racks and benches while FIT36® studios build your strength through functional training that utilizes TRX® and kettlebells, among others. FIT36® studios also use free weights and movements that rely strictly on your body weight to build strength. This allows you to translate the strength you gain into greater effectiveness once you leave the FIT36® class.

The functional movements at FIT36® studios are incorporated to build strength AND burn calories. The two goals are not mutually exclusive. They are equally important to help each of our members achieve a greater state of fitness and health. Our HIIT workout burns major calories, while also creating an afterburn that can allow your body to continue burning calories for hours after the workout.

FIT36® can help build lean and strong muscles to give you greater stamina and make you a better athlete.

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Elevate your Fitness. Change the Game.

Change the game and step up your fitness at FIT36®. If you’re ready to work harder and smarter in just 36 minutes, we have the workout you’ve been craving. Interval training that changes and challenges, all under the professional guidance of our certified trainers.