Benefits of Exercise

In the moment, when you’re sweating and struggling and your body says no, make sure your brain remembers why you woke up before the sun for this exercise. Make sure your brain recalls the reasons for why you joined FIT36® in the first place. Make sure your brain remembers how great you will feel after your 36 minutes with us is up. Remember the benefits.

The benefits of exercise at FIT36® make for a long list. This is the biggest reason we are here; to help give our members the health benefits and results they crave and need to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. That’s it; we are here to help get you better.

One of the great benefits of the FIT36® workout is how we safely train at intense levels. We cover your safety in both the way our studios can monitor your exercise and in the way our movements are self-limiting. First, by monitoring your intensity level with a heart-rate sensor, we can tell when you need to take a breather and bring your heart rate down (see FIT36® studios for details about available heart-rate monitors). Our studios also have at least one trainer in every class to ensure safety and proper technique with each movement.

Our movements are self-limiting, which means we push you to the max, but only your max, not some pre-determined weight or lift that you just simply can’t complete. Remember: we don’t make you do what you can’t do; we can help make you better at what you can do.

The additional benefits of exercise are nearly endless, and all apply to what FIT36® can do to improve your wellness.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among the greatest benefits of exercise are:

  • Weight control and weight loss

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Reduced risk for type 2 diabetes

  • Reduced risk of some cancers

  • Strengthening of bones and muscles

  • Improved mental health and mood

  • Increased chances of living a longer life

As if those benefits weren’t enough, here at FIT36® we want your time in our studios to be the best part of your day. We have a fun and engaging fitness community, where we push one another to be their best. FIT36® adds the aspect of community to the list of exercise benefits.

Come check us out for yourself and get started today.