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Jul 19, 2017 by J. I.
"Amazing and efficient workouts, fun and motivating instructors, clean space, and great team/community building."

Jul 18, 2017 by C. P.
"The feeling of cameraderie. Variety of exercises."

Jul 12, 2017 by J. M.
"I enjoy the flow of each of the workouts, which vary day-to-day. The instructors are top-notch and explain each exercise in detail, along with following up throughout the class."

Jul 11, 2017 by P. P.
"The class was very challenging and the instructor was very motivational."

Jul 10, 2017 by B. M.
"The instructors are excellent, supportive, very knowledgeable and very positive."

Jul 8, 2017 by K. B. B.
"The variety of movements and class formats."

Jun 28, 2017 by J. L.
"all the trainers are very motivated and help us when we are having trouble doing an exercise or if something hurts us they will tell us another alternative to for that exercise."

Jun 27, 2017 by A. K.
"I like the fact that you rotate through different stations & there's a concentration of core areas to work on. The trainers are always observing & motivating and correcting the technique on an individual basis."

Jun 21, 2017 by B. B.
"Fantastic full body workout condensed down to around 40 minutes. Instructors are amazing"

Jun 20, 2017 by S. G.
"I like the work out it focuses on whole body instead of one body part. The work out increases your endurance. I started seeing results a month after I joined FIT36.trainers are very good and well educated . It is the most friendly gym I have ever worked out in. I have one suggestion I believe there should be a foundation class for the new joinee as sometime I see people doing excersise in a wrong posture ."

Jun 19, 2017 by L. M.
"Staff is friendly and helpful. At the end of the session, I feel as if I've maximized my workout."

Jun 15, 2017 by L. R.
"Great program! Clean facility. Good trainers, especially Tom at Waldwick."

Jun 15, 2017 by L. R.
"It's a great workout. The staff is so friendly and involved with all members, which is important to me."

Jun 11, 2017 by C. P.
"Convenient location. Great workout and instructors and music. Nice and clean and new. Perfect that it's only 36 mins."

Jun 9, 2017 by P. T.
"It's a great workout."

Jun 8, 2017 by K. A.
"I find that everyone that works for FIT36 Waldwick is kind, supportive and engaging. They are willing to help make the workouts work for you as opposed to you figuring it out."

Jun 1, 2017 by L. M.
"The instructor Tom ( motivational and helpful) and the program ( the varied exercise - timed hitting multi muscle groups ) You get more out of 36 mins -consistency -than you ever would in a regular gym."

May 31, 2017 by L. P.
"Friendly and knowledgeable trainers great workout"

May 30, 2017 by C. S.
"It is very convenient and the classes are challenging but easy to follow. The staff is great!"

May 24, 2017 by H. C.
"I love the personal approach to group fitness! Each trainer makes the effort to get to know you and cater the workouts appropriately. The only improvement I'd like to see is later classes offered a few nights a week and on weekends."

Reviews Provided by Listen360