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Brad Cooley

Brad Cooley

Brad Cooley — FOUNDER

Growing up, Brad played just about every sport out there, but soccer was the sport he chose to play for 15 years. With all of these sports comes the daily regimen of intense conditioning; cardio, strength, speed and agility, and the beginnings of a proper diet (or so we thought as kids/teens). This training and education became a passion and a daily routine for him, which led to joining the Navy as a Medic. While in the Navy, he completed his BSBA and his personal training certifications.

After serving his six honorable years, he pursued an orthopedic medical supply position and continued training on the side. Training and the fitness industry took precedence soon after and he joined an international fitness marketing company to begin traveling the world helping independent gym owners become successful.

Two years later, the national sales position for a new product to the fitness industry became available. Helping develop MYZONE from its inception, it has since been installed in hundreds of fitness centers worldwide as an incredible training and motivation tool.

Brad is also a Krankcycle Master Trainer and often travels the world with Johnny G to present and train on the Krankcycle.