Booking my own class, having a set time for class, heart rate monitor, certified instructors.

Robyn K

Gurnee, IL

Everyone was very courteous, polite and professional. The site looks amazing! Very clean and organized...loved that everyone wears heart rate monitors and we can see how we're doing with a quick glance at the screen.

Leekeetria W

Third Lake, IL

Your staff is amazing. I walked in and Elizabeth gave me a hug welcomed me and showed me around. She gave me my heart rate monitor and introduced me to the staff. I met Mary who is an absolute rockstar. She was super nice and encouraging. I'm not that fit... ha let's be honest I'm not fit at all so I was a little nervous. Mary showed me where and how to start warming up. When we started the workout I was paired up with another fantastic member who encouraged me and helped me push myself. The other staff members made their way around during the training to help with form and encouraged us to keep going. I loved the INSTANT feedback from the heart rate watches. I could see if I really was dying (red zone) or I could push my self some more and get out of the green zone. All in all after class I got my phone and signed up for every 6 am classs for the next three weeks! I may not be fit now but I know with time and FIT36 I can reach my fitness goals! I haven't been this excited about working out in a long time!

Allison B

Third Lake, IL