Thanks again for being so accommodating to Andrew. Your staff is awesome and going to Fit36 is the highlight of the week for Andrew. He loves going, getting a workout and seeing everybody.

Adam B.

Highlands Ranch, CO

I have been going here for 3 months and I love it!!! I have been so happy with the improvements I have seen in myself. The staff and trainers are wonderful, they will help you with any questions or concerns you have. And this gym is for any fitness levels, beginners to advanced. I am so glad I joined!

Allisen Stirman

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

I love the 36 minute workout. Get in - get it done.

Cindy Rayfield

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

I love the format of the workouts at Fit36 and I love to hate lead trainer Pharaoh! Best part = I'm getting real results! My muscles are making a come back!

Jenn Cummings

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

Getting the most bang out of my time in the gym with the best workouts I've done in years and getting results all in 36 minutes! I love that they watch and correct your form. Pharaoh always has a high energy workout that pushes you beyond what you think you can do. Love all the trainers here and the positive encouragement they provide!!

Kim Doleman

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

This is simply one of the best gyms I have been to. Everyone is so friendly and cares about YOU! The results have been amazing for me in just a short amount of time. The trainers have great insight on the stations selected for each workout. They also are wonderful with helping everyone in their form correction, and they are very motivating. I always leave with a smile on my face. Thanks for making working out a delightful experience.

Lindsey Moore

FIT36 Highlands Ranch

Awesome work out- monitor your heart rate while giving it your all for 36 minutes! "Anyone can do anything for a half hour"! I'm trying to get back into shape and this has everything to make it easy to get fit & stay fit!

Maryann Bowles

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

I tend to think that I'm pretty fit and in shape... And then I try a new workout and realize how much improvement I can always use!! Had my first session at FIT36 this morning. Who knew you could sweat so much and be so exhausted after only 36 minutes????? Thanks Brandy Giese for setting me up. Great concept! Great coach! Great studio! Great workout!! Check it out if you want an amazing HIIT workout

Melissa Grosboll

FIT36 Highlands Ranch

Fit36 has very interactive trainers !!! They love to coach you one on one if needed and they consistently help remind you to breathe through your HIIT ( High intensity Interval Training ) workout so you can get the best results. Out of all the gyms I have attended Fit36 has taken my personal best to a new level. I do not feel lost in class and I see results after each workout. Fit36's Highlands Ranch location has a one of a kind experience that is definitely worth your time!!!

Miranda Sloan

FIT36-Highlands Ranch

I have had such a positive experience at the highlands ranch fit 36. It is an great option for those that have little time but big goals. The trainers there are absolutely amazing. No matter who you go to you will have a great workout. Each trainer gives you personalized attention and they are always giving quality and professional advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It truly feels like a fitness family at fit 36. I am so happy with my results and my experience at fit 36.

Sara Margaret

FIT36 Highlands Ranch